Programs of Study

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum class

Curatorial/Museum Studies

Curatorial and Museum Studies programs prepare students to mediate the relationships between artists, artworks, exhibitions spaces, and the public. They analyze and present work such that it is appropriately contextualized for public comprehension and appreciation. They provide the environment for research and investigation in art history and criticism and the opportunity to present this research in published and/or exhibited format.

People dancing


College dance programs are designed to prepare their students for a career in the professional world of dance. Studies are often structured under the conservatory model, where students spend significant amounts of time in technique and composition classes, as well as theory and history, with ample opportunities for performance. Dance majors have a variety of career paths open to them, from teaching to performing with companies both large and small to commercial work.

Columbus College of Art & Design

Design Management

Design management programs have as their mission to train the next generation of creative and strategic leaders by providing an educational experience that bridges the disciplines of design and business, catalyzing and enabling innovation. Generally provided at the graduate level, design management is intended to provide an executive education more focused than an M.B.A. on the special needs of design leaders managing design firms or managing design teams in creative industries. Participants...

Ringling College of Art & Design / Matt Holler

Digital Media

Digital Media is a huge area encompassing the studies of animation, computer art/digital art, interactive media, and timebased-media – just to name a few. We have given it a separate heading in order to focus on aspects of digital media that do not easily fit into the standard categories above and also for those majors that comprise the more specific areas of study within digital media. Digital artists utilize new technology in their creative process and expression – the end results taking...

Cleveland Institute of Art / Robert Muller


Drawing is probably the oldest art form in existence. Today, it is not only a basic means of communication and idea development among artists and designers, but still an fine art form in its own right. Like painting and photography, it can be an expressive and personal, communicative and provocative, colorful and varied.

Columbus College of Art & Design


While all art and design programs require courses in English and writing, some also offer degree programs specifically in English and writing. These courses tend to be offered at the graduate level, but are sometimes offered at the undergraduate level as well, particular as a minor. They can emphasize and include fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, cross-genre writing, playwriting, and screenwriting.

Ringling College of Art & Design

Entertainment Arts

Entertainment Arts, also known as Entertainment Design, is a relatively new field combining animation, game design, and video/film, and television. Previous to the development of Entertainment Arts/Design programs, students might have to take an assortment of classes in industrial design, illustration and animation to meet their entertainment artist aspirations. Students enrolled in Entertainment Arts/Design programs have the advantage of access to courses and a coordinated curriculum tailored...