Programs of Study

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Advertising Design

Advertising is an booming industry that is, and has to, change with the times. Often included within Graphic Design, a growing number of schools now offer Advertising Design as a stand-alone program as well. Students are educated in typography, digital production, 3D design, motion graphics, graphic design, and a critical-thinking, problem-solving approach to advertising strategy. Graduates are well-prepared for entry- to mid-level positions in advertising firms across North America.

Columbus College of Art & Design


Animation is the process of drawing sequential pictures which, when assembled, form a moving image over time. In the past, this work was done by hand with teams of artists creating literally thousands of drawings for a cartoon, ad, or film. These days, more and more animation work is done on a computer which can speed up the process while also increasing the complexity of the images and the lengths of a film. Consequently, there has been an explosion in the field of animation, with many more...

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Architecture is the process of creating the three-dimensional spaces we live and work in – ranging from houses to schools to offices to stores. The work involves a combination of creativity, spatial ability, drawing skill, and knowledge of materials, structures and construction methods. There are many good books written about architecture. In particular, we recommend the book Architect? A Candid Guide to the Profession, by Roger K. Lewis, MIT Press.

Kansas City Art Institute

Art Education

Art Education is a field that combines visual skills and teaching ability to help students of all ages learn art and design. A large portion of this field works in the K-12 arena, where a solid and relatively broad visual education is required in order to cover a wide range of subjects for all students. There is also considerable teaching taking place in colleges and universities, museums, and community centers across the country. Salaries and working formats will vary accordingly in this...

Columbus College of Art & Design

Art History/Theory/Criticism

Art History/Theory and/or Criticism programs teach students how to investigate works of art from a wide range of periods and regions. Programs can focus primarily on art of a particular era or region, or offer education in a full range of art historical periods, including ancient and medieval art, Renaissance, Baroque, and eighteenth-century art, modern and contemporary art, and arts of the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Graduates of art history and theory/criticism programs continue on to work in...

Columbus College of Art & Design

Art/Fine Arts/Studio Art

Fine Arts/Studio Art is a huge area encompassing almost everything that artists create for themselves. We have given it a separate heading in order to focus on aspects of fine art that do not easily fit into the standard categories of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and so on. People have found new ways to combine various aspects of fine arts or have created entirely new avenues for their own work, all of it growing from a solid visual arts foundation. For all of them, fine arts is...

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Arts Administration

The study of arts administration is for those who imagine a potential career on the business side of art within various types of organizations – museums, alternative galleries, community-based organizations, educational programs, theater companies, music ensembles, etc. Recognizing that there are particular aspects of operating an arts-focused organization, arts administration programs provide the next generation of administrators with a solid backing in the theory and practice of...