The Original Entrepreneurs: Artists and Designers

03/29/16 by Lee Ann Adams

In today’s society, and in business in particular, innovation has become the Big Thing. The Prize. The Holy Grail. “If you’re not innovating, you’re going backwards,” according to Virgin Founder and CEO Richard Branson. If innovation is so valued in our society, then the protagonist of the story must be the entrepreneur. To some, the word entrepreneur conjures up the image of caffeinated tech workers whose start-up was just bought by Google. Not a bad thing, but also not a model of the entrepreneur that I had in mind. I’m interested in someone who crosses deep boundaries and foregrounds positive social and cultural values as much as economic value.

- Stephen Beal, President, California College of the Arts, in HuffPost Arts & Culture

AICAD Alumni Win Prestigious ADC Young Guns 13 Competition

09/10/15 by Lee Ann Adams

The ADC Young Guns 13 winners were announced this past Tuesday, September 8. And this year, the group is the smallest it has ever been. Only 19 creative professionals under the age of 30 were selected, and 4 of the winners are alumni of AICAD schools!

Detroit artists awarded Kresge Fellowships

07/28/15 by Lee Ann Adams

Kresge Arts in Detroit is pleased to announce that 16 metropolitan Detroit artists and two collectives have been awarded Kresge Artist Fellowships for 2015...