• The device to detect hearing loss is tested on a baby at Vaani Vilas Hospital, Bangalore.
    • The 2014 Rolex Awards for Enterprise, Neeti Kailas, 2014 Young Laureate
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    • Martha Stewarts One Pot Cookbook
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    • Heather Brown for AICAD
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    • What Does Success Look Like?

      Neeti Kailas | Young Laureate and External Design Strategist

    • “Neeti Kailas (MS 13 Industrial Design) heard the news just in time to book a flight to the press conference at The Royal Society, London. Rolex had named her one of five Young Laureates for her work developing a hearing screening device for newborns in India.

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    • What Does Success Look Like?

      Pao Houa Her | Photographer

    • “Her, who says she once aspired to be a writer, was initially drawn to photography due to its storytelling aspect. After studying photography at MCAD, she became the first Hmong

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    • What Does Success Look Like?

      Jennifer Wen Ma | Interdisciplinary Artist

    • “Renowned interdisciplinary artist Jennifer Wen Ma (Pratt, M.F.A. ’99) has created a public art installation titled Alpha Lillstrom Portrait Garden for the 5×5 Project Nonuments

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    • What Does Success Look Like?

      Paula Fairfield | Sound Artist

    • “If you follow Game of Thrones, you’ll know the scene from season 4. After hearing about the plight of a shepherd’s three-year-old daughter who was burned alive by her dragons

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    • What Does Success Look Like?

      Heather Brown | Filmmaker

    • “I think when you can love your work and what you are trying to create, it makes a big difference.”

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    • What Does Success Look Like?

      Rae Vittorelli | Entrepreneur

    • “After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Moore in 2006, Rae Vittorelli had no idea that her future would be in chocolate!

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