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    • What Does Success Look Like?

      Brian Hahn | Motion Pictures

    • Since graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1996 with a degree in photography, Brian Hahn has amassed an impressive portfolio. Hahn has worked as a special effects artist on movies ranging from “Armageddon” to “End of Days” to “Spiderman 2” to “Iron Man” to “The Boxtrolls.”

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    • What Does Success Look Like?

      Heath Ryan Simpson | Art Book Technician

    • Heath Simpson (NSCAD, BFA 2013) talks about working at acclaimed Steidl Publishing: “The first step is making yourself known. Standing out. Making the brazen ask.” …

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    Creative Minds | Transforming Society

    Art and design is a growing sector that has a significant impact on our economy. Additionally, people who pursue a degree at a specialized school for art and design are prepared for careers in a wide range of fields. Perhaps most importantly, they are more likely to be working in careers that they find meaningful, while also pursuing their passion outside of their jobs. For all these reasons, we know that art and design degrees at AICAD schools are a great investment.

    Please view our presentation to learn more about how creative minds are transforming our society.

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  • AICAD is dedicated to strengthening and connecting its member schools, and therefore provides numerous benefits to students through collaborative international exchange programs, shared resources on issues such as environmental and community sustainability, and the New York Studio Residency Program.

    Art school is where creative individuals find their community and connect with a network that will support them for a lifetime.

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    Portfolio reviews are available to all students from 9th-12th grade as well as college students interested in transferring.