Why Typography Matters to our Culture of Visual Learners

Why Typography Matters to our Culture of Visual Learners

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Communicating through language, images, type and graphic design is critical to our shared visual literacy, making the study of typography more relevant than ever before.

Recognizing typography as a vital component of our visual culture, Art Center College of Design has been developing plans to become a dominant force in this field’s incipient expansion. A $2 million gift to the College from the Lowell Milken Family Foundation helped turn those plans into reality.

Storytellers throughout corporate America, from soap makers to car manufacturers, articulate ideas through common visual languages. Similarly, global initiatives like the (RED) awareness campaign thrive from strong visual recognition. Armed with 21st-century visual literacy skills, artists and designers can be among the most important drivers in reaching consumers and influencers, helping business leaders communicate with each other and creating value for industry as well as nonprofits.

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