Daniel Phillips & Kim Karlsrud | Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture Recipients

Four photos with details of the project

On April 10, 2014, the American Academy in Rome announced winners of the 118th Annual Rome Prize, including Otis alumni Daniel Phillips (Architecture/Landscape/Interiors ’08) and Kim Karlsrud (Product Design ’07), who are recipients of the Prince Charitable Trusts Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture.

Winners of the Rome Prize fellowships spend from six months to two years in Rome, expanding “their own professional, artistic, or scholarly pursuits, by drawing on their colleagues’ knowledge and experience.” This prestigious prize is awarded to approximately thirty individuals who represent “the highest standard of excellence in the arts and humanities.” –http://www.aarome.org/news/features/2014-15-rome-prize-winners-announced

Karlsrud and Phillips started Common Studio after graduation, combining their interests in landscape, urbanism and product design. “We believe that the diverse challenges of today demand new ways of seeing, engaging and responding. Drawing upon our eclectic experience, we collaborate with organizations, agencies, and companies to realize their goals and maximize their social impact. We achieve this by leveraging the creative power of design through a human-centered, custom fit, and action based process.”

One of their guerilla gardening projects is Seedbombs. As they describe them, “Seedbombs, the weapons of choice, are small nuggets of clay, compost, and seeds that can be thrown into and grown in neglected corners of the urban landscape.” Made in a sheltered workshop in Los Angeles, they are now distributed worldwide.

upper left: Daniel Phillips, Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Alumnus ’08, recipient, with Kim Karlsrud, of a 2014-1015 Rome Prize
upper right: Seed Bomb dispensers
lower left: Seed Bombs
lower right: Seed Bombers

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