Noelle Stevenson | Comic Artist and Illustrator

Comic Art by Noelle Stevenson

Work by student Noelle Stevenson ’13 (illustration) went viral after she began drawing characters from The Lord of the Rings film series as regular people
in contemporary time. Dubbed The Broship of the Ring, her depictions of Aragorn as a rugged outdoorsman, Legolas as a private schoolboy, Gimli as a truck
driver, and hobbits as hipsters were featured on dozens of websites and blogs, including Comics Alliance, BuzzFeed, FlavorWire, Salon, /Film, io9, Flixist,
FirstShowing, Geek Art, eleven/11 magazine, and more. Her comics were shared online by thousands of people, and her work became so well known eight
people dressed up as the characters at Katsucon, a fan convention held in the National Harbor, Maryland this past February. To view more of her work, visit

Originally published in Juxtapostitions