Sara Jones & Andrea Wenglowskyj | Creative Collaborators

(left to right) Andrea  Wenglowskyj and Sara Jones

(left to right) Andrea Wenglowskyj and Sara Jones

Sara Jones and Andrea Wenglowskyj began collaborating in 2004, working on projects in graduate school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA). They bonded over intense critiques, car rides to and from the studio, and taking action on artistic and curatorial projects. Fast forward ten years, and that passion for creative collaboration has manifested in a thriving business based out of their studio in Brooklyn, NY: Kind Aesthetic, a creative agency, and DELVE, a suite of services for artists and creatives. Both projects work in the same way: helping their clients tell the right stories in clear, compelling, visually stunning ways by using a number of creative tactics.

What inspires them both with Kind Aesthetic and DELVE, is that they love listening to what drives the creativity of their clients and enjoy helping them define and clearly communicate the uniqueness of their projects–both online and in person. Finding and defining the genuine power and truth behind the story of a creative entrepreneur, organization or brand allows them to synthesize an idea into a real experience that thrives in the world, such as a design competition for a thriving New York organization, a comprehensive new website and online selling platform for an artist, musician or fashion designer, or by curating amazing artists and speakers into live events.

Parallel to the creative projects Kind Aesthetic undertakes, Sara and Andrea love working with artists and creatives in a number of ways via DELVE. Being artists themselves (Sara is a painter and Andrea is a photographer), they love the opportunity to create and grow community with and amongst other artists. DELVE started as a series of networking events for artists and creatives in New York City, and has grown to include bespoke workshops and a popular Toolkit that helps people best communicate what they do online, in person, and in writing. DELVE is about making tangible progress on goals, empowering artists and creatives to hone the professional skills they need to put their best work into the world, and inspiring the DELVE community to take action on projects that truly matter.

Their education at SMFA truly shaped how they understand and work on creative endeavors, especially because of the interdisciplinary nature of the MFA program. Spending years exploring different mediums, honing their crafts, and collaborating and critiquing the work of artists from a variety of backgrounds and media equipped them with the necessary language to help others and engage in meaningful projects across disciplines. For instance, for their upcoming DELVE Networking event on July 22 at Made in NY Media Center by IFP in Dumbo, Brooklyn, they will be exploring the theme of Food + Art with a variety of speakers and artists.

Most of all, they love bring people together to engage in meaningful dialog, and experience the work of amazing artists