Itsuki Ogihara | Designer

Itsuki Ogihara, Pebble Dance, 2006, installationAs an emerging artist, Japanese-born artist Itsuki Ogihara Certificate ‘08 PAFA strives to apply her fine arts education in the design world. “I don’t paint. I don’t sculpt,” noted Ogihara. “I ended up in the design field, but I think the skill set I acquired in a fine arts school is applicable on so many levels. The best thing I learned was to have a great eye: to be able to see and identify things, like colors. What I learned as a fine artist is universal.”

Ogihara also serves as the community Service Specialist at NextFab Studio—3D prototyping studio and continues to credit PAFA for her development. “PAFA offers great opportunities for anyone to explore their creativity and see what they’re capable of,” says Ogihara. “The training allows you to move beyond that because now you have a great skill set to work with. You become aware of the fact that you are a traditionally trained artist, and you are ready to use that training in new and creative ways.”