Rob Fischer | Fine Artist

Small images of Rob Fischer's work

Fischer salvages material from abandoned buildings and junkyards and reconfigures them into large-scale sculptural environments that weave past histories into the present. He has had solo exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria, New York; Cohan and Leslie, New York and Mary Goldman Gallery, Los Angeles.

Why did you choose MCAD?
I took some classes at MCAD while I was in high school through the post-secondary enrollment program. The facilities and teachers were phenomenal but what really helped me make the decision was the financial aid package MCAD put together.

What experience at MCAD helped you find the career you are in today?
MCAD’s faculty are amazing. For me it was Kinji Akegawa and David Nye Brown. Kinji for example was truly inspirational. I realize now, after teaching a bit myself, how amazing a teacher Kinji is.

Is there a message, idea, or story that you would like to share with prospective students?
Minneapolis has a huge design community so, designers—you’re set. However, for the emerging fine artists, you need to remember to make connections outside of Minneapolis. While you’re at MCAD be sure to do internships in New York or Los Angeles. As a fine artist, your chances of making it big, and making it your career, are much better once you’ve worked in one of the large contemporary art markets